Motivation is to be deserved NOT served.

WELCOME 2017 <3

Did you make any New Years resolution to yourself?

I rarely do that, i dont think it motivates me enough, i dont think THAT resolution is the solution to those results and that specific action im looking for, but i do believe in putting up goals. Without goals we minimize the need of being creative and without creativity we stagnate in life.

I like the feeling of “closing down” the year 2016 and “open up” for a fresh 2017 but my philosophy is not to make alot of promises to myself its rather to ask myself ALOT of questions constantly. Asking yourself questions make you curious to find out the answers, right? Since yesterday ive been thinking about my 2017, how do i want it to be, how do i want to be and how much effort am i ready to put into it to find what im looking for.

“Motivation is the fuel of success”

When you want to make a change in your life, to achieve something big or small but whatever you want to change you need to be motivated enough to make a move, to act, to be creative.

How do i get motivation? How do i find motivation? How can i get motivated enough?

These are common questions from my PT clients and common questions from family and friends. Alot of people constantly ask themselves HOW the hell will they find motivation to do what they actually want to do.

ITS TIME TO WAKE UP – MOTIVATION CANT BE EITHER FOUND, “GOTTEN just like that” or SERVED to you from out of space….


Yeah…you have to deserve to be motivated. Ask youself instead:

What do i need to do to feel satisfied? I believe in “actions” that action itselfs create motivation – JUST DO IT!

The first thing you DO doesnt have to be that specific thing you want to achieve or experience but you need to act to start the process of the movement towards your actual goal.

Make up your mind, do not think to much and while doing i promise you that you will feel that SATISFACTION you are looing for AND that satisfaction will make itself felt next time you are up for the same “challenge” THIS is your MOTIVATION!

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