Distance…protects you from falling apart.

Did you feel awesome when he told you “that”?

Did you fall alseep thinking about what she told you last time you met her in the corridor, how that guy looked at you in the supermarket or how “that” guy in the gym suddenly showed up close to you in all your choice of exercises last time you were working out?

This is the moments where you have to decide either to keep a distance and let these situations stay as “situations” or be brave, make a move and create a moment, a moment you never know where it will take you, a start of something good or bad or an dramatic end of something else.

Have you ever felt like you gave to much of yourself to somebody or that you happen to let somebody take your mind on a trip where you got lost in your own imaginations?

You were prepared, strong and open-minded.

You made a choice wich was the first step into a new adventure and a new chapter. You wrote the manuscript, you were the coachman and you knew all about the end…

…but someone else stole your adventure and finished it for you.

Todays thoughts:

“Keeping distance to people protects you from falling apart”

Make sure to always choose the characters in your play carefully, that you are strong enough to deal with the consequences it may cause, remain the main character and never let go of the reins.

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