Morning thoughts…What would YOU like to read about?

Its morning here in the zambian bush.

I have been awake from time to time since 03.30 cause of movement in the house where im staying. A variarity of birds are singing their morning songs out here, its already above 30 degrees celsius and cats are still and quite after their nightly activities. Im sitting at the veranda having a coffee, a instant coffee wich is what you get here if you dont want to pay a fortune for grounded or whole coffee beans. Must say i do miss REAL coffee. Maybe thats what will fill up one of my bags when travelling back here from Sweden next time. Hmmm…do you think i can mix coffee, cheese and bacon in the same bag? Haha! Alot of things are much more expensive than back home in Sweden wich is crazy due to the avarage income in the country compare to the avarage income in Sweden.

Im making this post today in hope of getting some feedback from you readers out there. I have been thinking and thinking for a couple of days what the next post should be about but i havnt come up with something i thought was good enough, but does every post HAVE TO be about SOMETHING, like a surten subject? Can i not just write straight from the heart, tell you about my day, my ideas, my experiences and my plans? I dont know. I guess its something i as a blogger have to make a decision about, what kind of blog i want to put out there. But i would LOVE to get your opinion about what you would enjoy reading. For sure the posts will still be a mix of adventure, lifestyle, me, food, recipes, dogs, exercising and inspiration cause thats what my life is all about at the moment and have been for a very long time but i would love to hear from you as a follower/reader…WHAT would YOU like to read about?

I know i wont be able to post something on the blog every single day. First of all cause of the way i feel. I need to feel like writing to get something out of my head. And second because of the 10 hours of schedualed powercuts we are ”suffering” from at the moment. When there is no power i dont have access to the internet here. But for sure i will be able to blog 3-4 times a week.

PLEASE make a comment and let me know what you think out there!

I will finish my coffee now and start off the day. On todays schedual is making exercise videos to a PT clients new program, exercise myself,  a long walk with Akilah around the farm, orangejuice must be made of the soon way to ripen oranges in the kitchen and tonight im cooking whole Horse Mackerel for the first time. Exciting! If the recipe turns out nice i will share it with you here on the blog soon. The Butternut Cinnamon Balls i tried to deep fry the other day was a disaster so who knows where this will end. Haha!

Enjoy your day and the rest of the week and dont forget to MOVE/Coach J Sidnor

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