Yepp – that is what ive been doing the whole of today.

If you follow me on instagram (“fitnessjusse”) you must have seen my update from my powerwalk in the forest early this week where i wrote something like “make SPACE for MOTIVATION”.

THAT is really something. If you have something you want to achieve, things you just need to be done, things youve been wanting to do for ages BUT you are just not doing it. You are telling yourself over and over again that “Ill start on Monday”…”Ill do that tomorrow”…”Next week i just have do get those things done”…”the 1:st of this month ill start my new life”….. make space for it.

Do you regognise any of these statements?

I do, i really do, ive been struggleing with these statements the last 5 weeks AND the dissapointness wich has appeared by NOT getting it done, NOT “getting my sh*t together” as to speak : ). Its been 5 weeks since my last competition of this year was over and i told myelf thousand times during the diet NOT to ABUSE FOOD after the competition was done. I also told myself a thousand times straight after “yeah right, lets see how that goes, hahaha”. Ive tried twice before and never succeed, but this time i felt really motivated and i even had a plan how i would succeed.

What happened!?

Ill tell you what happened. I gained 8 kilos instead of those maximum 4 kilos i had promised myself to maximum gain, ive been eating cookies and sweets almost EVERY day during these 5 weeks, ive NOT been doing as many workouts as i should, ive been unmotivated to everything AND ofcourse deeply dissapointed with myself.

Im amazed how someone can keep that discipline for months during a competition diet and then afterwards just loose it all like that. OK, in this case there is many other factors that matters for me, my private life has been upside-down this year, these last weeks has been very busy at work AND on top of all this the weather is changing and the darkness is slowly squeezing the last energy out of my body. This time of the year is (softly saying) NOT my time of the year. So VERY bad timing to pop out of the “competition bubble” at this time.

Why am i eating?

That is one question ive asked myself everytime ive put something in my mouth without being hungry : ) Haha. Cause normaly we eat when we are hungry, right?

NO NOT me, I eat without being hungry, i eat when im emotional, i eat when i feel lonely, i eat to be social, i eat when im bored AND i eat when im stressed.

So WOW…If you ask me thats not being hungry – THATS LIFE.

I started thinking about what i could do to “get my sh*t togethter” what do i normaly do when theres a FLOW in my daily life. I always tell my clients that the KEY TO SECCESS is PLANNING. Hmmm…but i did plan everything but still didnt succeed. I didnt have TIME, but wait a minute i have as much time as everyone else, 24 hours a day, as many hours as before when routines and structure was there. The problem was that i was not giving myself enough time to be able to succeed.

I gave myself TODAY, one day without any plans, any “haves” or anything else on my mind except from “today I WILL GET MY SH*T TOGETHER”

I started the day asking myself: What do i need today to feel FIT FOR FIGHT tomorrow morning, fit for fight for Monday and fit for fight for a CHANGE…

  • A clean and organised HOME – DONE
  • Get a better structure in the kitchen area to be efficient – DONE
  • Buy grosseries at the supermarket – DONE
  • Cook food and make “foodboxes” for the rest of next week – DONE
  • Prepare “mini meals” for these 3 next days – DONE
  • Get some fresh air during all these preps – DONE
  • Write ablog post to remind myself of todays hard work – DONE

Sooooo…im sitting here infront of the laptop and ive made sure that there is NOTHING that can possible go wrong tomorrow at work 09.00-20.00, i have everything i need to succeed with a healthy diet and a good workout.

I gave myself SPACE to be able to be prepared – it feels GREAT, you should try it sometime!!!

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